My Opening Posts

21 Jun

My greatest two loves in life are writing and history. I write almost every day, finding excuses to do so, before my paid job, and I work at a museum as an unpaid volunteer. My fiction just excercises my mind, gives a bit of life and purpose for learning, my volunteering at the museum allows me to give others a little inspiration and knowledge. New Jersey Naval Museum is the home of a truely great historical artifact, a WWII United States Navy Submarine, USS Ling (SS-297). The Submarine Force of the US Navy was the first arm that struck back at the Japanese, in the days after Pearl Harbor. They would continue to strike at the Japanese for the rest of the war, growing in size, in power, refining tactics and weapons. In the opinion of the writer, they did half the work out in the Pacific War as they sunk about fifty-four percent of Japanese cargo shipping and about a third of thier surface ships, strangling Japan itself. Consider the dangers they faced; depth charges, aircraft, being rammed by friendly or enemy ships, malfunctioning equipment; they are one of the most amazing and understudied groups in WWII history.

Here’s a shot of my boat; I’m proud of her and proud of what she has accomplished. No war record; she did not complete her first war patrol because the war ended and she was used as a training boat after fourteen years in the reserves. She is a teacher to the young and old and a memorial to those who braved the depth of the seas for our country and for freedom.


The fairwater/superstructure of the USS Ling


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